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A creative software developer who will bring a diverse skill set with a passion for technology and design. Quick learner, able to adapt to changes in requirements and a willingness to persevere through challenges. Highly motivated and results driven with a passion for design and web application development. Eager to join a client-focused, technology driven company with a forward thinking mentality.



2019 • Boise Code Works Boise, ID

Completed the 13 week Coding Boot-camp with over 500 hours of hands on project experience. Experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Vue.js, Node.js and MySQL. Challenged self during (2) 24-hour hackathons building full scale applications, implementing Scrum methodologies to build a Point Of Sale Application for Bobs Burgers, and a Reddit replica called The Buzz. Participated in partner programming to develop various projects, able to identify errors and tackle challenges. Designed user interfaces and mapped out functionality prior to build for complex applications.


2013-2018 • Grandio Greenhouses & Backyard Living Source Boise, ID

Backyard Living Source Websites I maintained and updated | Grandio Greenhouses Website | Grandio Youtube Channel | Grandio Facebook Page

  • Designed and engineered 4 different models of the Grandio Greenhouses with varying parts and extension kits.
  • Managed web design, product updates and scheduling of sales, social media posts, and tracked various analytics for many websites.
  • Managed production and importing with manufacturers in China, Taiwan Germany and Israel via email, we chat and phone calls.
  • Developed and designed various product lines including pool supplies and cleaners, greenhouses, sheds and a variety of outdoor related products geared toward greenhouses and patio living.
  • Designed and engineered over 30 assembly manuals for various products.
  • Managed all design needs for the company including manuals, brochures, packaging design, and any printed or graphic media.
  • Shot, filmed and edited various videos and photographs showcasing product functionality, installation and assembly.

    2007 - Present Tideline Design Inc.

    TideLine Design Website

  • Exhibit and spacial designer in a variety of media formats including print, fabric, vinyl, and custom displays.
  • Managed staff in various projects including design, 3D Renderings, web optimization, and production schedules.
  • Managed business development and marketing strategy including social media and networking in the community.
  • Worked as a full time employee and as a contractor for over 10 years.


    Bob's Burgers - A point of sale application for a small burger restaurant. This is a group project I helped create on a team with Luke King and Mike Graves. We built this application using Vue.js, express, Mongo.db, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I designed the custom graphics and logos for this project.

    KanBan Board - A Typical To-Do List with features I made with Ryan Thomas in a team coding project. We built this application using Vue.js, express, Mongo.db, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    Bug Log - An application I built to track your bugs and mark complete. Built using Vue.js, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    Music-Is-Fun - An Api Application that connects to iTunes built using Vanilla JavaScript.

    Inspire - A desktop To-Do list application I built using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    Slap the Bear Game - A game I built using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The game tracks button hits adding and subtracting points from your score.

    Grandio Greenhouse Assembly Manuals and Videos:

    I designed and sourced all of the products in the Grandio Greenhouse Line with the guidance of the company owner. I created all assembly manuals listed, designed all brochures, and shot and edited most of the videos and images posted on the Grandio website.

    Grandio Greenhouse Assembly Manuals

    Grandio Greenhouse Assembly Videos

    Grandio Greenhouse Assembly Brochures